Sep 19, 2011

Proud to share a part in...

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My church is halfway through our annual fall campaign and we have seen the Lord's hand of blessing. I am so very proud to share a small part in the big work God is doing through my church.

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Sep 10, 2011

BIG news::

 It all started two weeks ago...

I attended 4 consecutive days of classes - a total of 32 hours of listening 
to the same instructor talk about Property & Casualty Insurance.
I learned a lot, and came away with two quotes from my entertaining mentor:

You can't unscramble scrambled eggs.
Good, better, best.
Never let it rest.
Til your good gets better,
your better gets best.


I poured over books,
listened to over 10 hours of audio reviews,
studied every spare waking moment...
{I am not stretching the truth one little bit-
my family can vouch for me}

And last Saturday it paid off when I took the 160 question, 3 hour exam and passed by 4 points!
I was soooo pumped; I could hardly contain my excitement.  

The next step was to apply for my resident producer license,
which I received this past Thursday.
{I WILL be framing that up in my room! :)}

Now I can dive into these two books that I have been saving to reward myself! ;)

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Sep 8, 2011

looking back...


{September 8, 1999}



{September 8, 2011}

Happy Birthday to the first man I ever fell in love with.
The guy who I still go to for advice.
The man who knows a little bit about everything-
Who taught me how to ride a bike,
fry an over-easy egg (or as we called it dip-dip egg)
cut in and tape before painting,
wax a car,
shoot hoops,
 how to see the best in others,
and live to please God.

I love you, Daddy!

~your little girl

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Sep 3, 2011

A furniture makeover!!

 I have been in search of a desk for some time now.  
I did not want just any desk;
 I wanted one that I (and when I say I what I really mean is my Dad) could refinish.  
I had seen one at a local furniture consignment shop and drooled over it, but the price was just a little higher than what I wanted to pay and the owner insisted that they would never go any lower since it was an antique piece and worth much more than the sticker price.  
I went into this store several times over the past three months and the desk was always there and then one day I noticed it had been reduced and that on top of that all furniture was 20% off!!  The owner told me that obviously this desk was meant for me!  

And so - I was sold on it. :)

The first thing we did was remove the hardware and spray paint it nickel-colored.

The drawers were painted black...

My dad stripped and refinished the top of the desk:

 In order to not take away from the intricate details we taped it off and painted the rest of the desk black.

It took a couple of coats before it was just right...

My dad did an amazing job;
he is awesome! :)


And this is what I parted with::

I have had this desk since 6th grade; it was a bittersweet moment...

But, then when I walked back inside and saw this beaut;

I couldn't help but smile! :)

The Lettered Cottage
Come see some of my photography over at Serendipity-Images.


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