To keep it simple - I am just an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.  I have a wonderful family and was raised by godly parents.  I am the eldest of three girls and am of the belief that sisters are the greatest!  I am a born again believer of the Lord Jesus Christ and have had the opportunity to attend the same independent fundamental Baptist church since I was born.  I am an organization freak with a tendency to be a bit of a drama queen as well as overly protective of my family.

Hobbies - I enjoy reading the classics, and have an obsession with collecting them even if I may never get around to reading all of them.  I like to express myself through scrap booking and beading, but especially through photography.  I rarely go a day without capturing the simple things that make up my life.

My innermost aspirations - This random blog was started as an avenue to express myself and share my aspirations for the future::  which include staying in the center of God's will, making my parents' proud, finding my soul mate, and travelling to exotic places.


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