May 25, 2012

Iowa Trip

May has certainly been a very busy and exciting month!
 I definitely do not have a shortage of things to blog about 
and hopefully will have the time within the next few weeks
 to share what all has been happening... :)

First event::Iowa
I was able to second shoot with Jack at his cousin's wedding.
I enjoyed meeting many of Jack's relatives (especially his grandparents)
and of course I loved the extra time I got with Jack!


Jack is an absolutely amazing photographer.
I loved watching him shoot and oft times
found myself taking more pictures of him
than anything else. :)

He has the ability to make everyone laugh and
put the party quite at ease.

It was a very busy, full day
yet so exciting to be able to help preserve memories
for the newly married couple.

Besides shooting a wedding we found time for some play...

We enjoyed going to Turtle Park,
the same park my parents used to walk to when they were dating...
We also toured the downtown of Marshalltown
and went bike riding.

Jack's grandparents were very hospitable and so sweet;
I look forward to the next time I can see them.

A great trip made even better because of this guy;
so happy to be in love with him!

Come see some of my photography over at Serendipity-Images.

May 2, 2012

A love story:

Sometimes we think we know what we want.
Sometimes God gives us what we want.
But, sometimes God says,
 Wait, I have something far better 
than you could have ever imagined...
Trust me.

Trust has been something I have always struggled with but,
with God's grace I have learned to be more trusting of Him and His timing.
Every girl wants to date and be swept off her feet.
I was no different.

I waited and waited and wondered if perhaps  my standards were
too high.  But, then I would remind myself that dating is a serious
matter and I only wanted to date someone that God had clearly brought into my life.

In November of 2010, through a friend's blog roll I came across a certain
photographer, Jack McDonnell.
I enjoyed his photography and the style he shot.

I was getting ready to shoot my first wedding and had some questions.
I commented on his blog and he replied
with his email so that I could further ask any more questions.

And that's what it was - strictly photography related emails.
Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.
I enjoyed looking through this young man's photography work
and even more enjoyed his family blog.

Through his writings I discovered that we had so many things in common,
the most important thing was his evident love for his family and church. 
The emails continued and gradually became more personal. 
We soon realized that we had some connections through our churches
 and I learned that he didn't live but two hours from me...

Then through a series of emails in March of 2011
we discovered the even larger connection we had... 
Our mothers had grew up in the same town and attended the
same Christian academy.  What a small world!

By this time the emails were becoming a little more frequent,
more personal, and less about photography. 
In April of that same year, we were able to meet for the
first time at a photography workshop in Chicago.
Now, I knew that he was just as sincere, polite, and gentlemanly
in person as he was in email.

The emails continued throughout the summer and I found
myself constanly checking my inbox for mail from Jack.
I knew that his emails were becoming the highlight of my day.
I wondered if this casual emailing would develop into anything.

And so I did the only thing I knew how to do. 
I prayed and asked God to make it evident to both Jack and I
if this relationship should turn into dating. 
I prayed that if Jack was not to be a part of my life that God would take him out,
but if he was that God would make it evident that Jack felt that way about me.

And then it happened...
Jack spoke to my Dad on November 2, 2011 and asked him
for his permission to get to know me better.
I was so thrilled that I cried.

Six months to the day have passed since that day
and they have been the best months of my life!
I cannot believe how much has transpired and
how very much in love with him I am.

We love our story.
We love sharing it.
We love that is unique.
We love knowing that it
was clearly written by God.

{To read Jack's version of our love story click here.}

Come see some of my photography over at Serendipity-Images.


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