Jun 28, 2012

Jun 26, 2012

The Pearls: Part II

 Part I- of this post was written well over two years ago.
The young lady in that story has since gotten older and
has never forgotten the lesson she learned from her mother.

A lesson on letting go and trusting God -
Trusting in His timing and knowing that His ways are far
higher than hers.

The fake pearls were given up five years ago.  Really it seems
like a lifetime ago and the young lady has learned so much
and grown stronger because of it.

Sometimes she wondered about her real pearls.
She knew that God never takes something without
giving something far better in return, but there were
times she doubted.  She thought perhaps those
real pearls were over rated and maybe she shouldn't be so picky.

But then one day God brought someone into her life.
Someone who made her a better person.
Someone who made her eyes twinkle.
Someone who made her realize that genuine is so much better than fake.

And then it happened.

He knew her story,
her past struggles, and
had read about her giving up her fake pearls.

So one fine day he presented her with black velvet box
just like the one from her story.
When she opened it she saw a beautiful strand of
genuine pearls. 
He told her that she meant so much to him
and  how he hoped he could be her set of real pearls.

A few months have passed.
Every time that young lady puts on those pearls
she is reminded of the past lesson learned
and she is so grateful that she gave up her fake pearls.

On November 2, 2012 that young lady will put those genuine
pearls on and walk down a church aisle to start a new life with him.

And she couldn't be more blessed.

Jun 10, 2012

I have a goodly heritage

I love my family.

I love that a midst our busy schedules we still spend time together.

I want to treasure each one of these moments.

I don't want to become too busy with my future plans
that I forget about my present life.

This past Friday, we took a break from the wedding planning 
and went down to the beach for a picnic.

Picnics at the Dunes are a favorite summer tradition.

We had a wonderful time and I was glad 
I had a camera to capture some of these moments.

Moments that quickly become memories preserved
through pictures.

Memories that I know I will carry with me through all my life.

I am so thankful that God put me in the family He did.

 Thankful for parents who are godly and raised my sisters and I 
to serve the Lord and keep Him first.

Parents who led by example and
practiced what was preached in church.

I am thankful for moments with my two sisters.

Sisters that I will miss, but I know will remain close despite the distance.

Truly I have a goodly heritage.

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Jun 1, 2012

a perfect day

Certain dates have memories connected with them.
This past Saturday - May 26th will forever
be a special date for me.

Jack surprised me by showing up at my house...
best surprise ever! :)
It was an absolutely perfect day in every way.

Jack and I along with my parents
went down to the beach where we enjoyed a picnic dinner.
Then Jack and I went for a stroll
along the shore.

We stopped and sat in the dune's grass watching the water
and talking.
In that moment I felt as though everything was
right in the world and I couldn't
have been more content.

Jack reached into his camera bag to get a book he said he had
picked up at Barnes and Nobles for me.
Before I opened it though, he said I had to
read the card first.
I opened the envelope and read the outside of the card:

I want to grow old with you

and then inside it read:

There's nothing in the world
that I'd rather do
Than spend my forever
together with you.

I felt my pulse quicken and my heart race
as I looked at Jack who was at this time
on his knee.
My voice caught in my throat
as I said,
Oh, Jack...

Jack asked me to be his wife
and as he did
the clouds parted (I lie not) and the sun seemed to
shine directly on the sparkling ring he
was holding.

I am sure every girl thinks her engagment is the best
and I am no different.
For you see, ever since I can remember
it has been my dream to someday
get engaged at Lake Michigan.
My dream became reality even
without Jack ever knowing that.

I also always wanted my future husband to be able
to pick my ring out without my help
and Jack did just that.
He chose an absolute gorgeous ring
and it will always be so much more
special because of that.

I did get a book from him that day as well -
The Bride's Book of Lists
He knows me all too well.  :)

Jack and I are so thrilled as we start this next
phase of life together and we are even
more excited to see what God has in the future for us!

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