May 29, 2010

And then there were three...

Growing up we were called the foursome and last week the first of us was married. We were inseparable crew in high school, we did everything together; from birthday parties to getting in trouble. College came and we were in different classes, dating, and working jobs; no longer were we the foursome. College graduation came and went and then "she" was asked THE question by her special someone. Of course I had known it was coming, but I really could not believe that she was going to be married and move to another country!

I was not for sure what I would feel when she walked down that aisle; and then the moment came... The organ was playing the wedding march and she was walking down the aisle looking beautiful as ever. Suddenly I found myself remembering so many of the good times we had had together in high school and wishing we had stayed that close through college. Then, she looked at me and smiled... That is when the tears began to fall. I don't know where they came from; I was so happy for her, yet so sad. Where had our childhood gone? I felt the tears falling harder now and I had to focus on stopping them and taking in every moment of her special day.

The ceremony was over and I was able to get a couple pictures and hug her one last time. It was such a beautiful wedding and I was so proud to have shared a part in her life.

May 24, 2010

Only in Chesterton...

...Can you read these headlines:

Woman's Purse ALMOST Stolen

Work Continues on Sinkhole

170 Bikes Collected in Bike Drive

Sparkler Ignites Bush in Town

GPS Taken Out of UNLOCKED Car

Community Warning: Middle Aged Man Posing as Police, Pulls Over Boy on Bike

Solar Powered Light Stolen...

...(following day) Solar Powered Light Returned

Elderly Man Takes Picture With Cell Phone of Woman's Backside

Dog Attempts to Bite Boy

May 23, 2010

Indiana Dunes

Life is not measure by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away...

One of the things I love about my quaint adorable little town, is our Dunes State Park along Lake Michigan. Sunday was the first day that temperatures reached into the high 80's and low 90's. My sisters and I, along with my camera, decided to take advantage of the nice weather and had some fun after church down by the Lake...

Sharing my mosaic over at the Little Red House.

May 10, 2010

3 Sisters

Once upon there was alittle girl who thought her family was just perfect. There was a Daddy, Mommy, and her and they both loved her very much. However one day when the little girl was barely over three her Mommy went to the hospital and came home with a baby girl. At first the little girl was uncertain about this tiny little bundle, but she soon came to love her new playmate and couldn't wait til she was old enough to play outside with her.

Well, a couple more years went by and finally the baby (whom they named Brooke) was old enough to play with the "not so little" little girl. However they both decided that they really wanted a baby brother and prayed that God would give them one. Not to long after, mommy went to the hospital and brought back another tiny little bundle. This one seemed to scream even louder than the other baby had. The sisters were very disappointed when mom and dad told them that God had given them another baby girl, instead of a brother. In fact the oldest girl hid her "I'm the big sister" pin when she got to school in her pencil case; after the picture of her new baby sister was a scary one and she had REALLY wanted a brother.

Well the baby grew out of the crying stage and the two sisters were no longer sad that they had not gotten a brother, but instead so very happy to have another playmate. Of course there were times that the three of them would bicker, tattle, and monopolize toys, but at the end of the day the three would make up and all would be well.

Several years have passed and the little girl is now quite big (twenty-three to be exact) and she is more grateful then ever that God gave her two sisters. For what could be better than having not only 3 girls-sisters-but also 3 best friends!

Linking up over at Little Red House for Mosaic Mondays.

May 9, 2010

All that I am or hope to be...

...I owe to my angel Mother. (Abraham Lincoln)

I wish I could put into words how much I admire and respect my mother. She truly is an amazing woman. I really don't know how she has done it- the last twenty-three years she has given of herself and lived selflessly for her children.

I enjoy every opportunity that I get to spend with my mom. Whether it be cooking side by side, taking a drive with her, grocery shopping together, or folding laundry. Every moment spent with her I know that I am creating memories, moments that will forever be etched in my mind.

I truly am so thankful that I am able to still be home after being graduated from college. I know I have mentioned this before, but really the Lord did know what was best. The last year I have spent out of school and at home has truly been unlike any other. The time that used to be spent doing homework, projects, and extracurricular college activities, I now have been able to spend at home with my mom!

So, on this Mother's Day, I just wanted to express how grateful I am to the Lord for giving me my "angel Mother." Happy Mom's Day, I love you!

May 4, 2010


Seventeen years old...that's how old my baby sister is today.
I can't believe it...

Seems like just yesterday, I was the proud big sister picking her up from the nursery, and bringing her "num-nums" (her name for candy) for staying dry. Just yesterday she was that annoying little sister who wouldn't leave me alone during my birthday parties and insisted on being a part of them.

I don't know what happened. It seems like I blinked and now before me is a beautiful young lady. I love her to pieces, I really do. I can't imagine if I would have already been married - I would have missed out on this transformation. I would have missed out on so much. No longer is she "just" my baby sister, she has also become my friend and confidant.

She is so different from me in personality, but so many times I see my faults in her and it makes me strive to be better...for her. She, unlike me, is athletic. Good at so many sports, running, football; you name it, and she is up for it! She is totally unlike me in that she dislikes jewelry immensely. No rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings; she refuses to wear any except for a watch! She loves to do outdoor work; she is in her glory when mowing the grass and working with Dad. We tease sometimes that she is the brother we never had.

She is a hard worker and musically talented. I really enjoy listening to her sing in the shower; something I can't say about another sibling of mine...;) She is artistic, smart, and might I add beautiful; but more importantly she has a very soft heart and ready to serve attitude.

I am so very proud to call this young lady my baby sis; Happy Birthday, Lauren, I love you!

May 1, 2010

Debbie and Tarah

I had the opportunity to take two more lovely girls' senior pictures this week.

#1 Tarah

#2 Debbie

Since Debbie is one of my sister's close friends, Lauren jumped into a couple of her pictures. They had a great time and I did as well!


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