Dec 2, 2009

Animal Games

It has been a real interesting week of work... I am really beginning to wonder if I have a classroom full of animals rather than children. As of recent the kids have insisted on crawling around the classroom on all four as opposed to walking. They also make growling noises and bare their "fangs" at each other. The other teachers and I are fed up with it. At first it was funny and cute, but it has become downright annoying! I know that as teachers we are supposed to let the children use their creative imaginations, but seriously when do they cross the line?

Enters Aiden...

Aiden is a three year old boy who thinks he is part dinosaur. And really, he almost has me convinced sometimes. He is repeatedly hitting and making weird dino like noises at the other kids. The other day he had just done so and I was yelling at him, when suddenly he clawed at me and made a noise that I couldn't even begin to try to write in word form.

It was something like this, "ARGH OOH RAWWWWRRR!"

I picked Aiden up and ever so calmly placed him in a chair next to me. After having a serious talking to with him I sat next to him to make sure he did his time in the "time away" chair. Aiden had been sitting for not even a minute when he looked at me and said,

"Shame on YOU!"

"Excuse me," I said. "I'm not the one hitting my friends and acting like an animal... Shame on YOU, Aiden."

"You should be scared," he replied quite forcefully.

"What," I asked "are you talking about?"

To which he responded, "GRRR ARGH ROO! I'm a dinosaur and I'm gonna get YOU!"

I had to turn my head to keep from laughing, all the while thinking, "Wow, maybe he is proof of evolution..."

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  1. Hahahaha!!! Find out if Aiden's mom has a blog... she's gotta have stories!



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