Apr 5, 2011

A sleepy town

The alarm goes off at 4:45 and I groggily stumble out of bed and through
my morning routine, careful to not awaken the rest of the household.
Most days, if not all rushing and hurrying around, but usually grabbing my
camera in hopes of capturing something picture worthy throughout my day.
I jump in my car and make the 10 minute drive to work.

Each  morning the view is spectacular and each morning
it is different.  My sleepy little town is cloaked in sheer goodness
and glory of heaven.  I scramble to grab my camera and some days
I get lucky as I point through the windshield and click...

Sweet Shot Day
{warm sun}


  1. amazing pic. !!!!! i just love the town of Chesterton!!! :) ~Lauren

  2. Great photo... makes a hole in the wall with a chip on its shoulder look halfway decent. :)

  3. Awesome picture! I miss that place so much!!:( ..No place like home, for sure!

  4. What a great shot of the sky! ANd great textures.

  5. what a great photo, like stepping back in time...and if those are your gas prices on the right...i'm moving because we are over $5/gal here!



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