Dec 9, 2009

From the pen of a child...

Seeing as I spend 8 hours a day with kids at work, it seems as if most of my blogging is about them... Today I was sitting at the table watching 4 year old, Sarah "write" a letter to Santa. I wasn't really paying much attention until I heard her reading the letter aloud as she wrote. I leaned in closer, grabbed a pen and paper and this is what she said...

To Santa.

I lub you. Have a great day.
I have been a good all of the week long;
I wash myself so good every day.
Tessa (her sister) is soooo bad, she
deserves nothing!

This is going to be a great Christmas!
Say HI! to Mrs. Claus for me and tell her
to have fun baking cookies.

Tell your reindeer to drive you safe in
the sleigh. And, make sure you get
home and spend some time with your family!

So...what does the North Pole look like?
Is it always snowy?
Do you live in your workshop with the elves?

Well, have a great day.
Here's a hug and a kiss...XO

I lub you Santa Claus,

And here is the master copy! :)

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