Dec 25, 2009

A traditional Christmas morn

I have recently been asked by many, "Where are you going for Christmas? Who do you have over..."

I used to wish that I had a different answer like..."Oh, this year we are vacationing in Florida." or "We are having all of our extended family over to unwrap gifts." or "We are travelling to the grandparents'."

Not that I wouldn't enjoy doing any of those; but, I really am so very grateful for the way we spend Christmas-every year.

It really all starts Christmas Eve with my sisters and I sleeping together; I won't dwell there, as my sister blogged about that. Christmas morning starts when we (us girls) quietly creep into my parents room, giggling, and knowing full well that they have been awake for awhile. They lie there with a fake sleepful look on their face, while we hover over them.

Once they are "awakened" we are banished to my room so that my parents can light the tree and start brewing the coffee. When they are ready we anxiously walk to the living room where we see for the first time all our presents beneath the tree. Dad starts off the morning with the reading of the Christmas story in Luke 2.

The coffee is done now, and we all grab a cup then settle down to start the unwrapping. We all exchange cards; I especially look forward to Lauren's card, as hers are usually homemade. From there Dad picks presents from under the tree and takes turns with each of us. This continues for a good two hours complete with coffee breaks, pictures, and changing into new pjs.

Once completed we all pitch in and help make breakfast...the same every year-mixed fruit and monkey bread! We eat a scrumptious Christmas dinner later in the afternoon and spend the day relaxing and having a great time!

Christmas around here does not vary that much from year to year and it is for that reason that I love this time of year and look forward to continuing the same traditions some day with my own family.

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  1. Very beautiful. I was the same a child, I always wished to go to Grandma's for Christmas, but as I got older, I loved staying home best. Cherish your family and times like these, Nicole... My family was in town for Christmas, and it was wonderful, but I already miss them terribly!!!



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