May 10, 2010

3 Sisters

Once upon there was alittle girl who thought her family was just perfect. There was a Daddy, Mommy, and her and they both loved her very much. However one day when the little girl was barely over three her Mommy went to the hospital and came home with a baby girl. At first the little girl was uncertain about this tiny little bundle, but she soon came to love her new playmate and couldn't wait til she was old enough to play outside with her.

Well, a couple more years went by and finally the baby (whom they named Brooke) was old enough to play with the "not so little" little girl. However they both decided that they really wanted a baby brother and prayed that God would give them one. Not to long after, mommy went to the hospital and brought back another tiny little bundle. This one seemed to scream even louder than the other baby had. The sisters were very disappointed when mom and dad told them that God had given them another baby girl, instead of a brother. In fact the oldest girl hid her "I'm the big sister" pin when she got to school in her pencil case; after the picture of her new baby sister was a scary one and she had REALLY wanted a brother.

Well the baby grew out of the crying stage and the two sisters were no longer sad that they had not gotten a brother, but instead so very happy to have another playmate. Of course there were times that the three of them would bicker, tattle, and monopolize toys, but at the end of the day the three would make up and all would be well.

Several years have passed and the little girl is now quite big (twenty-three to be exact) and she is more grateful then ever that God gave her two sisters. For what could be better than having not only 3 girls-sisters-but also 3 best friends!

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  1. umm...four including your unbilogical sister!!:) love ya~Tab:)

  2. I love this! What a beautiful Mosaic and beautiful girls...but I am sure you hear that all the time:)

  3. What a wonderful story- thank God have Me in your life!

  4. Ok, I totally love this...I am one of three girls too :).



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