Feb 23, 2011

A Girl's Dream Come True

This past Friday I stepped foot into a place I have only dreamed about,
and never could have imagined...

Charming Charlie is a store unlike any; it is a store that most "normal" girls will
instantly go weak at the knees upon entering.

Charming Charlie is a fashion boutique that has dozens of displays which are
organized by color {be still my heart!} containing jewelery, handbags,
wallets, scarves, glasses, and belts!

When I first entered I became immediately overwhelmed at this abundant supply of
wonderfulness and it took my friend and I almost two hours to go through!

Whether or not you are looking for a specific color of jewelry, or if you
are just browsing, this store will not disappoint...

We grabbed our baskets and separated paths, meeting throughout the store
to compare finds and laugh with girlish giddiness...

We finally made our minds up and made our way to the checkout...

We left the store happily swinging our C.C. bags,

We were ever so sad to leave this fashion accessory boutique...

I am already making plans to come back here soon!!
{Mrs. E & EJ!!!}

Check out their website to see if they have a store near you...:)


  1. That does look like a dream come true. Can't wait to go with you!

  2. What a great day!!! :) We are definitely taking a trip there EVERY time I come visit!!! Still upset that CA doesn't have one! We need to get with it out here! :) Miss you already girl! Can't wait till May!

  3. See, I TOLD you!!! I'm going to ours on Saturday, and.. wait for it- I have a $25 gift card thanks to my wonderful roomie! Wooohooo!!! I definitley want to go with you at Spring Break as well. I'm sure they'll have all new stuff by then :)

  4. Looking forward to it BUT, we won't be spending two hours there. Remember we have LOTS of stuff to do that day. HA HA HA HA!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!



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