Jun 10, 2012

I have a goodly heritage

I love my family.

I love that a midst our busy schedules we still spend time together.

I want to treasure each one of these moments.

I don't want to become too busy with my future plans
that I forget about my present life.

This past Friday, we took a break from the wedding planning 
and went down to the beach for a picnic.

Picnics at the Dunes are a favorite summer tradition.

We had a wonderful time and I was glad 
I had a camera to capture some of these moments.

Moments that quickly become memories preserved
through pictures.

Memories that I know I will carry with me through all my life.

I am so thankful that God put me in the family He did.

 Thankful for parents who are godly and raised my sisters and I 
to serve the Lord and keep Him first.

Parents who led by example and
practiced what was preached in church.

I am thankful for moments with my two sisters.

Sisters that I will miss, but I know will remain close despite the distance.

Truly I have a goodly heritage.

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  1. I am so thankful for our family,we truly have the best! So happy to make memories like that.

  2. I hope my kids grow up and love each other as much as you and your sisters love each other!

  3. I am so excited to join your family this fall! I love you guys and it is very evident that you have a special bond with one another. That is a valuable thing that should be a priority if families want to stay strong

  4. Beautiful, Nicole! I've always loved observing your family and how close you all are. Glad you're having a good time planning the wedding but also enjoying these last few months with your family as well...cherish those times! :)

  5. Loved this Cole!! Enjoy every minute of it..it goes by way too fast!! Love ya!1
    Tab :)



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