Jun 16, 2011

Julian & Liz

So...my trip to Cali.

I am still editing pictures but I wanted share a couple of my favorites from a mini shoot I was able to do for Julian and Liz.  The location is Monterey, California and my subjects were my best friend and her husband.

They compliment each other in every way.
He laughs at her jokes...and every girl wants a guy who thinks she is funny.

They are easy-going and very comfortable around each other.

He adores her, it's plain to see.

That mushy love stuff...they got it. ;)

They can be serious too; Julian is a good listener and great advice giver.

Liz...this picture shows her personality all too well, lol

It was so much fun snapping pictures of Liz and Julian just being themselves.

Later that afternoon we road along Pebble Beach Drive, stopping to overlook the scenic views and snapping some more pictures.

I am very thankful Julian put up with my trigger finger!

It was so much fun taking pictures of a couple very much in love!

Julian & Liz,

I had a wonderful time visiting you guys.  You are so much fun to be around and I look forward to my next visit.  Thanks for letting me take your pictures and for helping me create so many wonderful memories.  You are both great friends!



  1. Really like the pictures.... especially the second to last one....The only thing that would've made that one better would be if the space in between their chests made a heart...Still it turned out really well.
    Keep Shootin!

  2. Aww! I LOVE these! Thanks so much for snapping a few of us..on your vacation ;)! We had so so much fun having you here, it definitely needs to happen again!! :) Love you girl, thanks for being a wonderful friend!! Miss you!

  3. Wow! Great shots! The beach is always the best place to be--



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