Mar 19, 2009

Candy Sale

Well, I did it...I fulfilled my day of candy selling...and survived. It really was not all that bad at all. I went with my childhood piano teacher, Mrs. Edwards, who, might I add, I still believe to be the best piano player in the world! Her two children kept me entertained from business to business; I never was quite sure what might pop out of their mouth. We sold from around 10:30-3:30, with of course a lunch break...I ate at the Noodle Company for the first time and absolutely loved it! I ordered Mrs. Edward's fav. dish which was a macaroni noodle with parmesan crusted chicken, I also got a side of tomato basil soup, which was completely and totally amazing...(sorry, there I go again with food)
Candy selling yesterday brought back so many memories from highschool candy sale trips, especially the Detroit trip with Mr. Wright, or downtown with Mr. Schrock. We always had so much fun, never sold alot of candy, but always had a very enjoyable time. Candy selling, I believe really helped me learn how to talk with strangers and how to deal with rejection and very crabby old ladies who threaten to call the police on you! However, yesterday I learned something alittle to make lemonade out of life's lemons...literally...Let me explain. So, we are ate the Noodle Company and Mrs. E orders a water to drink. I proceeded to watch her as she went to the pop machine, got her water then put two lemons in it. "Lemon water, I like lemons in my water too..." I thought. But then she confused me by adding two Sweet and Lows to her water as well. "Huh, what in the world is she doing? Sugar water?" Nope, that wasn't correct either...She put the lid on and shook up her lemons, water, and sugar, and what do you know, she had a lemon shake up! It really truly amazed me, and I can't wait to try it, seeing as both her children ranted and raved about how good the "water" was!

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