Nov 3, 2010

Recent Reads

I have been an avid reader since I was a small child, however, finding a good book seems to have gotten much harder. Recently, I completed three books and I thought I would give you a brief synopsis of them just in case you are looking for a new read!


one word...AWESOME.
{and a few more}
This was a book that I had always wanted to read, but had
never gotten around to it. I knew it was a Pulitzer Prize winner
and a classic, but the book insert and back cover just didn't
seem to interest me at all. I checked it out several times
from the library with the intention of reading, but I would end up
returning it without ever cracking it open.
And then I finally did, and I absolutely loved it!
If you have never read this book, it is definitely one you should.
It is one of those books that you have to slowly digest; one
you will be sad to complete.


This book dates back to my junior high years...
the one that all the girls read.
(somehow I 'missed out')
Finally, checked it out and forced myself
to read it through.
One word...graphic
A little too much for me.
I am not a hunky-dory reader, but this book
was just too dreary. I know in order to gain
full appreciation I must read the other two books
that Pelzer wrote, but I struggled to get through the first one,
so I doubt I will ever read the others.


one word...moving
I have read Angie's blog for about two years, so
when she wrote a book I was anxious to read
it and even more surprised when I found it in the
public library. I laughed, cried, and imagined
myself with Angie and her husband when the
doctors told them that the child she was
carrying was incompatible with life. Inspirational
and a great testimony to our Lord who heals the broken in heart.
A book that I have already added to my Amazon cart-my own
copy to make notes throughout.


[ You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it... Harper Lee ]

{ I gobble down the food so fast I can hardly taste it. I finish the tray in record time. David Pelzer }

[ This baby has something I cannot fix. Miracles are the Lord's business. Angie Smith]


  1. I read "A Child Called It"; I first read an excerp in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. When I read the book, my emotions ranged from being really angry at his mom for how she treated him; to complete disgust for his father who could not even stand up and be a man; to his brothers who thought they were better than him--the whole family had no heart. The whole time I tried to will David strength and courage to leave...My heart went out to him. I appluad those at the school who stood by him and helped him; those who gave him love.
    I could not understand how people--especially family--could be like that. It is quite sad, but Satan had blinded their eyes and hearts. These books made me think of a lot of things, one of which is the grace of God when He saved my family and allowed me to be a part.

  2. I agree. It was a real eye-opener to read. I imagined myself in his shoes and thought how kids who ride my bus could have lives like that. Reading this book was not enjoyable; but I can compare it to eating vegetables-it didn't "taste" good as I read it, but all the while I knew it was good for me! :)

  3. You should be a Book Critic my little 4.0...

  4. Ill just take your word for it..although i did read a child called it..i dont remember if i finished it or sad and depressing..makes you thankful for the homes we know me and you say im sure its can tell me all about it sometime~tab :)

  5. To my book-lover bestie: :) Nice post! I was thinking we were due for one soon! I did not miss out on the passing around of "A child called it" did you? ;) I remember having the same feelings about that book and I did read the others...although I don't remember the details..:) On to another book subject...My sources tell me that you are rubbing off on my very own Mom?!??!..:) I knew I shouldn't have moved this far are getting away with too much without me there! ;) love ya girl! Maybe one of these days I'll pick up one of those C.M. Mom is an addict now too...

  6. THANK YOU for posting. Very interesting - I always enjoy visiting...

    Common Cents



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