Mar 25, 2009

She's Back!

Our family is complete...Lauren is back home after being gone for three days. I've decided to dedicate this post to my littlest sis; the one who adds such spice and excitement to our life! If I had to describe Lauren in one word it would be fun... She is the youngest sibling in our family and the most sanguine. Even though she is almost 16 years old, she will always be considered the "baby."
She does the most random things and her naughtiness usually makes us snicker inside. I'll never forget the time her and her best friend were playing outside on a Sunday afternoon. I remember going out to check on them and finding them by the hose scrubbing at their hands. I noticed that the palms of their hands were completely blackened. What in the world had they done??? The two of them had been trying to peel the skin off of walnuts and it had stained their hands. It was a good two weeks or so before it finally wore off!
Another time, when she was in junior high, she wore two different shoes to school. When the teacher called on her to come up to the board, Lauren refused. The teacher nicely asked for an explanation, to which Lauren refused to give her. Rather than suffer embarrassment, Lauren planted herself firmly in her seat and ending up getting in trouble from the principal for disobeying the teacher! All because of mismatched shoes!

I love my little Lauren so very much. We tend to bicker alot, but that does not mean that I love her any less. She is smart and athletic. She is very musical, on the piano, flute, and even singing! She is so very beautiful and I know that she is going to be drop dead gorgeous when she is older. She has lovely hair, a perfect complexion, big beautiful green eyes, and long eyelashes...But, more importantly than her outward appearance is her great fun-loving personality. To know Lauren is to love her and I am so very glad she is home!

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