Jul 13, 2009

The Simple Things in Life

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"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." This weekend I was able to do just that. My little sister, Lauren and I were able to take two days alone and spend time doing "the little things." Did we do anything spectacular? No, we just took the ordinary things in our day and made them more fun... We packed a picnic and went to Chelburg Farm where we ate and then hiked the trail to the Bailey Homestead and then to the barn, which I was sad to see no longer has any animals...:( We took some pictures, appreciated the surrounding nature, and enjoyed each other's company.

The rest of the day's activities included: cleaning house, doing yard work, washing my car, making dinner, putting together an Avon order, and scrap booking. We were able to get so much accomplished in one day and actually did not bicker at all!

Sunday, after the evening service we went to McDonald's and ordered sweet teas and double cheeseburgers (not so healthy, I know...), then went to Porter Beach where we sat in the Duneland grass and watch the sun set beside the beautiful skyline of Chicago.

It was not a typical weekend at all, and I don't know when an opportunity like that will ever rise again. I truly enjoyed every minute with Lauren and I am so very glad that God has blessed me with not only a sister, but a friend. I love you Lauren, I always will; and I certainly hope we will have more opportunities to "hang out"

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  1. Man, it looks like you girls had a great time! I like that picture of Chicago! Thanks for letting me borrow your family for the weekend.;) - Paul



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