Jul 5, 2009

What I'm Singing Today...

I may not have riches as some others may

But I have a mother who knows how to pray

And maybe there's some things I've missed in my youth

But I have a father who stands for the truth

I have a goodly heritage

I'm blessed with things you can't see

I have a goodly heritage

And that is worth far more to me

And if in the future, my parents pass on,

To dwell in that City we've come to call Home

They may not leave me the goods of this world

But I have accepted their God and His Word

This song has been coming to my mind the last few days...Working with children at a day care has caused me to realize how vital godly Christian parents who are involved in their children's lives are. I have been heartbroken and even brought to tears by several of my kids this week. I feel as though some of them are growing old before their time; as if there is too much on their hearts for being so young.

We recently had a new family enrolled in our day care, the eldest, a six year old girl is very emotional and cries quite often, especially if she sees either one of her other siblings upset or crying. They are the first to arrive, promptly at 6:30 am and leave around 5:45 pm. I feel as if we are raising them, rather then their parents. Just the other she confided in me...

They were fighting again last night...about money...that's what they always fight about. Well, besides mom's new boyfriend who dad doesn't like. Dad still loves Mom, and she still loves him...they just don't know it yet...her voice trailed off.

A six year old should not be subjected to these problems, she should not have to lay awake at night wishing her parents would stop fighting and get back together.

Another little boy while coloring a picture said, I'm going to give this picture to you...I can't give it to mommy, she's in jail...

My eyes filled with tears and I leaned over and squeezed him and very graciously accepted his picture.
While rubbing backs at nap time, I looked over and noticed one of our most behaved two year old whimpering on his mat. I quickly scooted over to him and wiped his tears from his face and asked, What's the matter, Aydin?

His big brown eyes, which were brimming with tears looked back at me, and his little lip quivered, Mommy...I want mommy

Mom, he wanted his mom, the woman who that morning had shoved her kids at me and pushed her older daughter away when she wanted a hug. The woman who did not have time to give her kids a kiss goodbye.
Our problem child, who is only 2 1/2 years, really knows how to test our patience. He is constantly biting, spitting, scratching, pulling hair, and throwing temper tantrums. If his behavior is not improved he will most likely have to be withdrawn from our school. What amazes me is that his mom does not have a job, she is on welfare, and still brings her child to day care...for what purpose? She'll drop off and pick up in her pajamas on numerous occasions. When little Stephan starts to test my patience and causes me to lose my sanity, I remind myself that he has not had the same opportunities and family life that I have.

I wish so badly that I could take these children home, show them what a family is supposed to be like. I truly have been so blessed. I have a wonderful family... Are they perfect...no, but they are godly and have done the best they could in raising my sisters and I. I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't been born into a Christian family. Would I be being carted off to day care while my mother sat at home, or worse yet in jail? Would I spend sleepless nights in bed listening to my parents fight and praying that they would stay together?

I only hope that I can show these children I work with the love that they so need and crave and in so doing so make an impact on their lives. The Lord has truly given me A Goodly Heritage and I am realizing how very fortunate I am on a daily basis.

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