Sep 23, 2009

We're off to see the Wizard!!!

Another pretty eventful week has left me unable to update my blog... This weekend Chesterton hosted its annual Wizard of Oz Festival, complete with the one surviving lollipop kid and his wife, as well as four other original munchkins and L Frank Baum's great grandson!!! Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this grand happening all though I did "celebrate" at work. On Thursday and Friday we had Oz Days where the children were welcome to dress like their favorite
character while it was mandatory that the teachers dress up both days. We had fun coloring pictures of Oz characters, getting face paintings, painting nails, and watching the movie. My favorite character is probably one of the flying monkeys, but unfortunately I couldn't find the
costume...;) So...I ended up being a lollipop kid on Thursday...

I received alot of strange looks from the unaware parents who failed
to read their child's school calendar. I even had some puzzled expressions
from the children wondering what in the world I was!

Day two I opted for the Wicked Witch of the West; I figured there would be no questioning what I was. One little boy who usually greets me with a hug failed to do so, so I approached him and was trying to get him to smile. He looked at me strangely until another child ran by and pulled off my hat. "Ohhh, you're Miss Nickel," he said with surprise. Not long after I told the children to clean up for breakfast the same little boy came up to me pulled on my skirt and said, "C'mon, Miss Nickel it's time to clean up. You need to put away dress-up now..." I don't think he
liked my outfit!

Here are some pictures of my adorable kiddos in their costumes!

Tyler the Scarecrow

Shay the Cowardly Lion

Ava as Dorothy

Painting nails!

Caysen the Tin Man

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