Oct 17, 2009

Deal of the weekend

Okay, so I have this fascination with books, whether they be children's books, grammar books, purely educational books, historical fiction, or classics. This weekend was pure heaven for me, when much to my delight I received my Scholastic Order that I had purchased from work with a few of my absolute favorites for kids, (see below)

...and there was the biannual library book sale! My favorite purchase would probably have to be the Little House on the Prairie series. When I saw them, I immediately reverted to my childhood. Watching Little House reruns with mom when we lived in Texas, and then finally being old enough to read the actual books. These were a definite favorite series of mine!

I also couldn't resist picking up another copy of A Tale of Two Cities, I mean it is only the greatest classic of all time! I was also pretty excited at finding one of Louisa May Alcott's first novels ever written, A Long Fatal Love Chase, as well as a Grammar guidebook for children, and a book full of literary essays by great women authors! This weekend's purchase was a grand $15.00! (worth every penny of it!)

1 comment:

  1. Now this post is you in a nutshell!!! :) And I was just thinking the other day that I need ANOTHER copy of the Tale of Two Cities too!!!! ;P j/k girl!! love ya! glad you found these awesome purchases!!! :) Liz



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