Feb 23, 2010

Only at a day care...

Things I find myself saying or
hearing on a daily basis...

Don't lick your friends.

Get your hand out of there.

How come that's in it???
We didn't even eat corn today!

You are not an animal; please
refrain from growling, and scratching.

You're not invited to my birthday party either!

Please quit sniffing the markers...
I don't care if they smell good.

No, you may not share chapstick...

You cannot give piggy back rides to your friends.
Well, that is different, daddy is not you.

He bit you???

No, I am not 38. Well, I am sorry I look that
old... still doesn't make me 38.

Fine, go ahead and tell your mommy on me...

Get the toy out of your nose please.

I know you are proud that you are
wearing Spongebob; but we do
not all need to see him...

Oh, the joys of working at a day care!


  1. Great Fun!! Sounds like some of the things I find myself saying to my kids!

  2. lol..isnt that the truth!!~~Tab:)



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