Oct 30, 2011

On this day...

 twenty-four years ago, Elizabeth Jane was born.
We were friends from the start.

 Here we are at my 5th birthday party...

 elementary days our friendship consisted in writing letters...

 As you can see above we even had our very own club complete with a secret language and handshake.
Now as to what the letters JFS stand for...that dies with us. :)

 We shared a love for American Girl and were so excited when they opened a store in Chicago.
Her parents took us to the spend the day there and we had a blast!

We were a crazy group;
and Liz was someone I knew would always make me laugh.

When we entered junior high our friendship was full of ups and downs.
We hung with different groups and did not spend time in each other's company much.

However in college that changed when I was on the bus route with her.
We spent many a Saturday visits and Sunday shuttle drives together.

It was then that we picked up where we left off.
Our friendship resumed as if it had never missed a beat.

I discovered that Liz was a sincere sweet girl and she still could make me laugh.
We made so many memories and in those two years I made a forever friend.

 I do not doubt that the Lord brought her back into my life.
You see all my close friends had moved out of state but she was here.
Here to listen and to laugh.
When she asked me to stand along side her on her special day, I was honored.

She married a great guy who is perfect for her and they moved
all the way to California!!

But, you know what?
Despite our distance we remain constant.
She is a faithful, loyal-true-blue friend...

This summer I was able to visit her, and I had a wonderful time
in her beautiful state. 

And somehow, despite how old I get she still manages to bring out my crazy side!  :)

So on her birthday, I just wanted to share with all what a truly wonderful friend she is.
I wish I could spend the day celebrating with her.


I just want to wish you a very happy 24th birthday and let you know that I count you among one of my greatest blessings.  If I could I would fly out there this very minute to help make your day special.  I miss you lots and want to let you know that Sunday pickups are just not the same.  No one else wants to stop at Luke's gas station for chocolate donuts and mountain dew...;)  I miss us giggling like school girls one moment then reminiscing and tearing up in another.  I look forward to being reunited soon!

Happy, happy birthday friend.

Love you!

Come see some of my photography over at Serendipity-Images.


  1. First, still deciding whether or not I should be mad at you for posting some AWFUL pictures of me or special b/c you posted about me on my birthday! I think my choice will be the second...only because you didn't crop yourself out of those not so lovely photos! ;)
    I loved looking at those pictures. Each one brought back so many GOOD memories that I haven't thought of in a long time!!! :)
    I'm so thankful for our friendship. I miss you every day! Can't wait for Christmas!

  2. one more thing...that note I wrote you!!! SO FUNNY! When did you find that?? haha "cool dudes"! lol We were 11! :) Love it. JFS POOH CLUB forever! LOL

  3. Hahahaha, awwww! And I haven't ever seen some of those pictures! (PS- I know what JFS POOH CLUB stands for ;) What a great post! Made me miss you guys!!!!

  4. Oh Nicole, that was so neat! You are such a dear friend to Elizabeth. Now, WHAT is JFS POOH CLUB???????????????????????? LOL
    Mrs. B

  5. I remember the jfs pooh club :) david asked me what it stood for..miss those days
    Tab :)



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