Mar 6, 2010

# 100

In honor of my 100th post!

100 years ago...
Boy Scouts founded.
Birth of Mother Theresa.
Death of nursing pioneer, Florence Nightingale
and writer, Mark Twain.
Inventions: telephone, traffic light,
refrigerator, and zipper.

100 months ago...
I was 14 years old
training to climb Pikes Peak
and looking forward to 9th grade.

100 weeks ago...
I was in my junior year of college
and had just started working
at Wee Care.

100 days ago...
Enjoying the Thanksgiving
holiday with friends and family.

100 minutes ago...
Laughing with my family at the
dinner table while savoring Mom
and Dad's homemade pizza.


  1. And I have enjoyed every one of your posts...

  2. What awesome things to be thankful for, thank you for sharing..and it is so nice to meet you!



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