Mar 2, 2010

A Long Awaited Purchase...

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed taking pictures - whether it be of family, friends, or scenery. For over a year I have been researching my next camera purchase and I knew that I wanted a Canon DSLR.
Just last week I was finally able to purchase one. I chose the Canon XSi, and found a great deal online. I had looked in several stores and was patiently waiting for it to go on sale. I was leery of buying so big a purchase off the computer.
My dad and I called Canon and asked some questions about that particular model and they referred us to the website where I ended up buying my camera. I HIGHLY recommend this website as well as this camera; you can visit the website here. I ended up purchasing the camera (might I add for $80 cheaper than Best Buy) last Wednesday and received it Friday! I have alot to learn about many of this camera's features but for now I am totally and completely in love with it!



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