Mar 12, 2010

What Makes a Home

A house is simply defined as a residence for human beings, but my home is so much more than that. This is a picture of the many children's stories that I grew up listening to every night. As long as I can remember my dad has had family devotions with us in the evening. When we were younger these were the Bible story books my dad would read from. They don't get much use any more, but they still sit on our bookshelf - a glimpse into my childhood past and a reminder that God is a vital part of our home.

This is just a glimpse into one of the many things that makes the house I live in my home.
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  1. Oh yes, a home has to have good books!!! We didn't "own" a lot of books when I was little, but my daughter (17) had some favorites she definitely doesn't want to part with...I love that! Thanks!


  2. I agree, a home has to be blessed with books! My husband and I are avid readers and we came from homes that had books. Our family room is more of a library, our guest room has a six foot long bookcase and the office holds a few well-stocked cases too. All the nightstands hold their little collections...maybe too much for some, but we love it!

  3. What is the quote? A room without books is like a body without a soul? or something like that. Love your book photo and the story behind it.
    Thanks for sharing



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