Apr 8, 2011

Randomness Part 2

{Back here, I posted Part 1.}

A few of my favorite things in photographs::

Panini Makers!  Makes awesome breakfast sandwiches and superb paninis.

Midas; our adorable feline who at times decides to lounge on my bed,
and despite how annoyed I may get, he always makes me smile!

Black and white snow pictures.
But more importantly, NOT seeing snow for awhile...:)

Brooke & Lauren.
I love that God gave me two sisters!

Getting a GREAT deal on ebay!

Mom's homemade pizza; sheer deliciousness.
Are you hungry yet? 

Doing Science experiments with my kiddies.
Sometimes, I think I have more fun than they do...:)

And last, but not least, in order of favoritism...


  1. I can't believe it, Midas actually made a way into your heart.:)
    How did I know that some type of food would be listed as one your favorite things.;)

  2. Very cute! Love the picture of Midas :) I do have one question though... what did you get on e-bay??? :) LOL, I'm nosey ;) Miss you, girl. See you in a few months.


  3. Your nosiness (sp?) is excused, lol. :) I got a Kelly Moore camera bag/purse; it is awesome!

  4. Thanks for asking EJ! :) I was wondering too when I was reading! btw..the pizza looks delicious! And Midas is adorable!!



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