May 4, 2011

How much do I love thee,

let me count the ways:

1.  Her gorgeous deep alto voice.

2.  Her creative artistic ability to hand-make cards.

3.  Her generous spirit.

 4.  Her talent of sleeping through tornadoes, earthquakes, and alarm clocks!

 5.  Her shiny chestnut locks.

 6.  Her long slender fingers to play the piano gracefully.

7.  Her loud mouth and jubilant exultations which she graces our household with.

8.  One word:  hypochondriac! :)

9.  Her deep love for breads

10.  Our same taste in books.  Sharing a good read with her.

11.  Her quick-witted and dry humor.

12.  Her deep green, mesmerizing eyes,

13.  Her simple style and lack of jewelry.

14.  Her coordination of throwing and catching a football.

15.  Dad's biggest mower ever!

16.  Her soft moldable heart.

17.  Her friendly, bubbly personality.

18.  Being not only my sister, but a best friend!

Happy 18th Birthday, Lauren!

I love you my littlest sis, and I hope you have a great day.
Anxious to see what this next year will bring for you! :)


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! :) Miss you!

  2. Happy Birthday Lauren!!



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