May 20, 2011

Of graduations past...

It has been a very busy and eventful week...
Last night my baby sister graduated from high school.

Six years ago yesterday I graduated from high school...
I can remember the day like yesterday and all the emotions
I felt.  I was so excited yet so afraid to leave high school, 
where I had been the top dog and enter the big scary world of

{may 19th, 2005}

{my high school graduating class}

Growing up in a small private school made me very
close with my classmates.  My senior year was filled with
several great memories, but that night six years ago, I knew
that never again when I have those high school days back.

But, life went on.  And as a matter of fact, college life was even better!!
I made some new friends and before I knew it my little sis, Brooke was graduating 
from high school and would be joining me for the one semester I had
left in college!

 {Brooke & Tim- a little boy whom she babysits
and whom this past semester I have been able to tutor}

{may 15th, 2008}

{my 8th grade English students}&
{my 9th grade Keyboarding students}

My senior year flew by and before I knew it,
I had finished my student teaching, and was gearing
up for college graduation!

 {fun college friends}

 During dress rehearsal I managed to get my own ovation 
when I tripped up the stairs, landing flat on my face!!
At least I got that out of my system before the real thing! :)

{the original '05 alma matter}

 It was a bittersweet evening...
saying, "Goodbye" and wondering, "What next?"

 {may 14th, 2009}
The next year went quickly and I was offered a couple teaching positions
in Christian schools, but God did not give me complete peace about
any of them.

Instead He allowed me to stay at home and watch yet another graduation 
of Liz- a sweet young lady who had recently became very close to me.
{may 20th, 2010}

And now we have come to 2011 and the youngest 
LaBate girl is now a high school graduate...
Wow, where have the years gone?

My sanguine, bubbly sister is about to enter COLLEGE!
And although, I do not miss it, I wish I could experience it again with her...

 {Lauren and her childhood best friend who came all the way
from Utah to share a part in this special day...}

 {Grandparents came from Texas}

 {may 19th, 2011}

Well, the celebration is not over quite yet...
Two open houses to go!  :)
{more pics to follow}

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