Jun 12, 2011

God meant it unto good...

{Monterey, CA}

God meant it unto good - O blest assurance,
Falling like sunshine all across life's way,
Touching with Heaven's gold earth's darkest storm clouds,
Bringing fresh peace and comfort day by day.

God meant it unto good for thee, beloved,
The God of Joseph is the same today;
His love permits afflictions strange and bitter,
His hand is guiding through the unknown way.

The Lord, who sees the end from the beginning,
Hath purposes for thee of love untold.
Then place thy hand in His and follow fearless,
Till thou the riches of His grace behold.
Freda Hanbury Allen
[excert from Streams in the Desert]


  1. I love that photo, it looks so peaceful. Love the ocean!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Beautiful photo! Our sermon on Sunday was on this very topic!

  3. Great stuff!! By the way... ;-)
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