Jun 20, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

I have not participated in Mosaic Monday in SUCH a long time, but
seeing as I came back from vacation with around 1,000 pics I think I will have
enough pictures to do mosaics for the next year!

So, I give you::
Yellowstone National Park

A tad bit frigid...
not what we were expecting,
but beautiful nonetheless.

We saw wildlife, geysers, and waterfalls.
God's creation on display:

this was one of my favorite shots from the day:

something about it seemed so mysteriously and tragically romantic. 
(excuse the poet that is trapped inside me...;)

Sweet Shot Day

We spent a good 8 hours enjoying this scenic drive!

View more mosaics here!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I would love to see Yellowstone myself! Nancy

  2. Stunning series especially for one who has never been to Yellowstone. I agree with you about the tree shot...it has to be my favorite of the post. Lovely captures, Genie

  3. Yellowstone is my favorite vacation that I've ever been on. Your photos are beautiful. It makes me want to go back. I wasn't even into photography back then so I can imagine the fun I would have with my camera there!

  4. These are great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time--looks a little chilly for me--:) I love the tree shot too--very mysterious...



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