Jul 28, 2011

For when you are bored:

...AND feeling crafty! 
So this is my third edition of a crafting post, and I hope you get a small fraction of the enjoyment looking at my diy crafts as I did in making them.  Yesterday I had the day off and I decided to finally get around to doing some projects I had seen via the blog-o-sphere.  

Let me start off by saying I have a small addiction to frames.  Every time I happen to pass the local resale shop when they are open (which is a rarity) I find myself drawn inside to the back of the store where they have frames of all sorts and sizes.  Doesn't matter how ugly they are, if they are cheap I buy them, big or small I collect them all!  ;) 

Anyways, I have had quite the collection growing under my bed and I finally found use for 6 of them:

#1 Magnetic Chalk Board Frame
via this crafty chic's tutorial here

Sheet metal: $2.50
Paint: $.65
Frame: $2

#2 Dry Erase Frame
via the same crafty chic here

Thrifted frame:  $1
Paint&Paper on hand

#3 Letter art
Did you know Hobby Lobby sells single letters?
And for you photographers out there, how fun would it be to do this yourself?
(I think I could  use the challenge...)

4 letters @ $1.99 ea.
Thrifted Frame: $2
Grey Mat matte made from a poster board

#4 Scripture Picture framed
I printed this picture I took on TYB IS., GA and put a favorite verse of mine on it.



Thrifted Frame: $2
Picture printed at home and matte made with scrapbook paper

#5 Earring Display
I have so many earrings and I only wear dangles, so this was a perfect way to display them!
Tutorial found here

Frame: on hand
Picture wire: $1.97

#6 Pinwheels
I know this has nothing to do with frames but I adored the idea of having a bouquet of pinwheels. (Don't judge me; I am a kid at heart) :)
Tutorial found via Lisa Leanord here

My sister, Lauren came home from work and I helped her make her own chalkboard frame & pinwheels to match her room!

Aren't they adorable? :)

So, what are you waiting for?
Get crafting! :)

Come see some of my photography over at Serendipity-Images.


  1. WOW..Nicole..those are really good :) I love them..when you come up we should do something like that..Cant wait to see you..

  2. so glad i have a crafty, amazing sister, thanks for helping me with my things. . . love ya

  3. Nicole! These are all amazing!! I have been wanting to do the chalkboard frame...I love-love the pinwheels!

  4. Those look great! I especially love the chalkboard frame and pinwheel bouquets...very cute!

  5. Nicole,

    These are all so adorable! I'm definitely going to do the chalkboard frame for myself & Gabrielle. Also, I'd love to do the pinwheels for Gabi's room. Thanks for the ideas.




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