May 25, 2012

Iowa Trip

May has certainly been a very busy and exciting month!
 I definitely do not have a shortage of things to blog about 
and hopefully will have the time within the next few weeks
 to share what all has been happening... :)

First event::Iowa
I was able to second shoot with Jack at his cousin's wedding.
I enjoyed meeting many of Jack's relatives (especially his grandparents)
and of course I loved the extra time I got with Jack!


Jack is an absolutely amazing photographer.
I loved watching him shoot and oft times
found myself taking more pictures of him
than anything else. :)

He has the ability to make everyone laugh and
put the party quite at ease.

It was a very busy, full day
yet so exciting to be able to help preserve memories
for the newly married couple.

Besides shooting a wedding we found time for some play...

We enjoyed going to Turtle Park,
the same park my parents used to walk to when they were dating...
We also toured the downtown of Marshalltown
and went bike riding.

Jack's grandparents were very hospitable and so sweet;
I look forward to the next time I can see them.

A great trip made even better because of this guy;
so happy to be in love with him!

Come see some of my photography over at Serendipity-Images.


  1. I love that first picture!! tooo cute!!!


  2. Sounds and looks like you had a great time!!! My fav picture is the third one!! Also the swings picture!! :)

  3. Beautiful Nicole! Happy you got to spend more time with your Jack and that you had a great time! Love all the pics :)

  4. Beautiful, Nicole!! Happy for you that you got to spend more time with your Jack and that you had a great time!! I love all the pics :)

    1. Sorry didn't mean to post this twice. The first time it said there was an error and it was unable to I tried again, and there it was 2 times!!! :)



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