Mar 16, 2009


On March 15th, twenty-two years ago, I was brought into this world...oh what a joyous day! With yesterday being my birthday, today at work I had a coworker ask me what I did for my birthday and how I celebrated. I had to chuckle as I thought over the weekend...I really had more of a "birthweekend" celebration, then just a day!

First of all, at work on Friday, we celebrated my birthday and the kiddies sang me "Happy Birthday." Brooke brought cheese cake for all the teachers and I brought Dunkin Donut's munchkins for all the children to enjoy.

For supper, I got to choose the menu. We had a salad, sweet peas, white rice, and a Rachel Ray chicken recipe that is totally divine! For dessert, my mom made me one of my favorite desserts (being a dessert lover, I had several choices to choose from). It was completely heavenly, and it tasted just as good as it looked... After fine dining at the LaBate household, I unwrapped presents with my family and watched a movie of my choice. It was a very relaxing evening of which I was accompanied by several cups of coffee...ahh...what a life.

On Saturday, I knew that my sisters and I were going out for lunch at Popolano's, but I didn't know that we were to meet my closest friends there as well. I must admit, I was alittle on the grouchy side...I didn't quite understand why we couldn't eat at 11:30, or why Brooke insisted on not leaving the house until 12:15 and then decided to go to the grocery store and kill time...I was very surprised and had a great time with my girlfriends. On top of the awesome company was again...killer food. I really think I should be a food critic!!! This meal included shrimp bisque and tequilla lime shrimp pizza, which is amazing...

Later in the afternoon I went bargain shopping at JcPenney and was able to pick up a few summer tops and so concluded Saturday of my birthday weekend...

On my actual birthday-Sunday, my dad offered to make me whatever I wanted for breakfast, so I chose breakfast tacos. Then, on the way back from bus he called me and said he would like to take me out for lunch as well. We went to Bass Pro Shop and I ate fish and chips, another great birthday meal...

So asked, "How was your birthday?"

"It was remarkably enjoyable, complete with superb food." I truly feel so very spoiled and really feel bad for the man who will have to live up to my family some day!


  1. Well we all know the way to Nicole LaBate's heart is most definitely through her stomach. ;) j/k I am glad you had a great birthday- you deserved it. -Brooke



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