Mar 13, 2009

Today is the best day of the rest of my life...

Well, this week just completed the last volleyball marathon of my college career...With graduation just two months around the corner, everything that I do related with college is my last. It is so hard to believe that I have already completed four years of college. It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from high school and getting so nervous for college orientation. Just yesterday I was walking into my first college class and wishing I could go back to high school. Just yesterday I was sitting in Mrs. Preacher's Grammatical Analysis class, listening to her speak some tribal language and wondering, "What did I get myself into?" Just yesterday I was having my first date in the old green and white snack shop. Just yesterday I was going on my first Christmas lights to Chicago. Just yesterday I watched my little sister graduate from high school. Just yesterday I student taught English and Typing. And it has all culminated and graduation is so very near. What happens after May 14th when I walk across the platform and receive my college diploma? What does getting a degree really mean? Does it mean that life from that point on will be a piece of cake? Will my eyes suddenly be enlightened as I am titled with a bachelor's degree in secondary education? Will my future be revealed to me when I receive my last college statement that says-PAID? With my college days behind me and so very much before, I smile to myself and think, "Today is the best day of the rest of my life."


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Great first blog... it definetly has me wanting to hear more!

  2. Hey Nicole! I am going to be having a time just trying to keep up on everyone's blogs! :) Thankfully my sister hasn't updated in a while! She used to write all the time.



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