Apr 4, 2009

A Book is a Gift to be Opened Again and Again...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who looked forward with great anticipation for her daily visits to the Public Library. This girl would carefully select her choice of ten books, for that was the patron limit per card. Her library card was one of her most prized possessions, for with it she felt the world was at her fingertips. While most of her friends wanted to play with dolls and barbies, she wanted to read, read, and read all the day long. Her mother and father would actually make her set her books aside to do some other activity. At night, against the knowledge of her parents, she would lay awake in bed, with a flashlight, and hide under the covers to read a few more pages of her newest book. Her love of reading continued through elementary and into junior high. She now had the responsibility to watch her sisters in the summer when mom and dad were at work. Despite the pleadings of her siblings, she would insist that they make a visit to the library at least once a day. The girl, along with her sisters, become such frequent visitors at the library that the librarian once sneered and commented to her mother, "Doesn't she have anything better to do?" To which the girl's mother gave that librarian a piece of her mind...

High school came and her visits became less frequent due to sport's practices, youth group activities, and school work. However, if asked, the teenager (no longer a young girl), would say that the library was amongst her favorite places to be.

College came and with it reading for pleasure now became very scarce. The young woman now had books that she had to read for her classes and no longer had time for "fun" reading. When between semesters and during summer break she always tried to catch up on her reading, however when making visits to the library she began to feel as if she had read every good book worth reading there.

The young woman now has completed college and is quite excited and anxious to get caught up on her reading!

Here is a list of some of her favorites:
*Not in any particular order-

A Tale of Two Cities-yearly
Great Expectations-another great work of Charles Dickens
The Scarlet Pimpernel-yearly read
Chicken Soup for the Soul-short stories that one must read with a box of Kleenex nearby
Row 22, Seats A and B-more short stories, some sappy, suspenseful, or purely pointless
The Perfect Wife-biography of Laura Bush
The Christmas Hope Series by Donna Van Liere-must read every holiday season
Anne of Green Gables Series
Emily of New Moon Series-also by Lucy Maud Montgomery, an awesome read
Pride and Prejudice-the best work of Jane Austen (in her mind)
The Inheritance-a newly discovered novel by Louisa May Alcott, written at age 16
Works by Richard Paul Evans
Your Father's Voice-written by the wife of a 9/11 victim
Not My Will-a favorite from her teenaged years
The Deerslayer-another teenaged favorite of hers

Here are some books that she is presently working on:

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot

And now she is going to publish her post...

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  1. This post made me really miss reading for "fun". I was also a bookworm. My favorite series was the Mandie (sp?) series for younger Christian girls. I counted the days until the newest one would come out and then read it in a day. My Dad's mother was the librarian in Hubbard so she always reserved the new releases for me. I don't have much time these days for "fun" reading. My Bible is the only book I read lately that doesn't have stiff board pages :-)



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