Apr 6, 2009

Marvelous Mondays?

Mondays...the dreaded day of all days...I awoke at 5:15 to look out my window and see snow upon the ground and covering my car.

"Seriously," I'm thinking, "Snow in the second week of April?"

I had to pick up the pace when I received a call from a coworker asking me to come in 1/2 hour earlier because she was sick. I clocked in at 6:28, a whole 2 minutes early, and so my Monday started. I really think that the kids have stored all their weekend adrenaline to let loose at pre-school on their teachers.

It was a little crazy during our pre-school group times since we were one teacher short. Usually I have 5-7 children in a group, but today one group had 10 kids, and the other had 13! The room seriously looked like a tornado had come through; parents coming in with late drop offs would step in and I would catch them looking around the class in amazement at the colorful array of toys and little kids scattered across every bare spot of flooring.

"It's Monday, don't you know?" I felt like explaining to the parents, but instead I mustered a smile and managed cordial greetings.

Today, more than usual the children were full of tattling. Tattling is something that I can not stand; I've tried to teach them that unless someone has hurt themself or another child, and if there is blood involved, then they are not to come tattle. However, it was Monday, and the rules were out the window. I learned something from my 3-5 year olds today-I learned why, in their little minds, why they are justified in hitting their playmates. Here are some examples; it actually got to be a little experiment for me as I'ld confront each hitting culprit.

"What did you do that for? Why did you hit?"

Never ask a 3-5 year old, "Why", it unleashes realms of excuses. Here are a few:

  1. "Because, because...he was thinking about hitting me."

  2. "Because...I don't know."

  3. "Because, because, because, because, because, because..."

  4. "Because, I wanted to."

  5. "Because she took my toy."

  6. "Because he was looking at me and smiling funny..."

  7. "Because, he's mean to me."

  8. "Because, she is sooo ugly to look at."

  9. "Because, because...ummm...did you see my boo-boo Miss Nickel?"

  10. "Because, because...yesterday I was playing with my mom and brother and, and..."

  11. "I didn't do it, it wasn't me...I don't think..."

  12. "Because...wah!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ah...yes...Mondays, they truly are so very marvelous...

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