Apr 24, 2009

Playing Hooky!

Yesterday, I played hooky and I couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to do so!!! Actually, my sister and I had put in a request to have this day off over two months ago. Knowing that Preaching Conference would be a busy week with morning and evening services, we were sure we would appreciate a day off! Lauren had off of school anyways so Dad and Mom got off at 11:00 and we picked up Paul and went for a picnic! We packed two separate baskets so that Paul and Brooke could enjoy
each other's company without us to "bother" them...
I don't know what my dad was doing here...
I think he is contemplating whether or not to jump! ;)
Me and Mom!

It was so gorgeous out even the whippoorwills were singing about it!
Brooke and Me!
Absolutely love this picture of us girls!
And so they all lived happily ever after!

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