Apr 24, 2009

Week's Reflection

Last night ended my church's annual Preaching Conference. As usual, it was a very profitable week, with many great sermons by-David Cloud, Pastor Allison, Dr. Green, Pastor Whitecar, Preacher, and Dr. Unger. Thursday's messages seemed to tie the whole week together and send us home with a call to action.

As a senior, I was able to attend the Sustainer's Banquet on Monday night. Since I am a lover of food, I have to include the wonderful menu for that night:
Assorted Deli Tray
Caesar Salad

Main Course
Chicken Kiev with Wild Rice

Malibu Blend Vegetables

Tuxedo Cake
Lemon Raspberry Cake
Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake

Four students gave a short word of testimony and then Pastor Dunbar gave a very thought provoking message on what is means to be a sustainer for the Lord. Sitting at the table with seven other seniors really set me to reminiscing. It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in high school eating lunch with these same students. Now a few of them will be getting married this summer, others will be leaving to further their education or to go teach out of state. Where did the years go? If is wasn't so exciting it would be rather sad...I have seen some classmates fall off track but then I see others that I know the Lord is going to use in mighty ways!
Here are a couple pictures of my friends and I after gorging ourselves at the Banquet. I think I look a little puffy...I blame it on all that food!

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  1. Oh my! Look at how much we have all changed! In some ways it seems like just yesterday. in others, a million lifetimes ago. Love and miss you!




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