Apr 18, 2009

Please Shine Down On Me!

The weather has been super duper beautiful!!! Yesterday, it reached a high of 70 degrees and today it maxed out at 76 degrees! I love all of my seasons, but a shining sun has been long awaited for me. I definitely was glad to take out my kiddies at work, they had been cooped up inside for way too long. I probably spent four out of my eight hour day yesterday outside; it was great. Being able to get out there and release all their energy and feel the sun's shining rays upon them, definitely put the children in better moods and made them much more behaved...which of course, in turn, affected the teachers. Except for this one-

I love ya sis! ;)

I didn't get to spend as much time outside as I would have like to today...I had good intentions of doing some sort of workout outside...but, alas, once again it fell through...There is always tomorrow, right? ;)
I was able to observe my dad outside working...does that count? He has been working on painting and finishing our dining room set. My mom has been wanting a new set and she had seen one that she liked that had black chairs and brown-wood table top with black legs. It sounded kinda weird to me, but I can tell it is going to look incredible. My dad started off with painting all our wooden chairs black, then he painted the table legs black...today he sanded, stained, and painted the table. The only thing left is to varnish it. Below are some pictures of the process, it should be completed early next week. Never realized how important a dining room table is until this last week. I am definitely missing sitting around our dining table, as opposed to downstairs, or lounging in the living room!

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  1. Hey..you black mailing me?? The sun was in my eyes!



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