May 12, 2009

In Honor of My Mother

I know that I am three days late, but I believe Mothers should be commemorated every day of the year...especially my Mom. I know that I am partial to my mom, since she is my mom, but I believe her to be the greatest woman and I highly respect her. A couple months ago, in Institute, the speaker was teaching on the Proverbs 31 woman. As I sat there and tried comparing myself to this great woman, it struck me that I have my own real to life virtuous woman and she is my mother.
As I look back over my 22 years, I see all the roles this special lady has played in my life. As a child she was the nurse who bandaged all my knees, the one who read me book after book, the one who painted my nails and threw the greatest birthday parties. Junior high came and sometimes I felt like I knew more than my mother, however I'd find myself going to her when I had questions about my friends, about boys, and about life in general. After high school graduation, I was confident to make my own way in the world, to be independent. However through college I came to see my mom differently, I began to notice how much she puts into this family. The long weeks she works, the things she gives up so she can be with me instead. With graduation one day away, I realize that on this journey of mine, one thing has remained constant...and that is my mom. She is the one, who no matter how long her day has been, always seems interested to hear me talk about my day filled with my trivial problems. She is the one, who wraps her arms around me and lets me know she's here when people let me down. She is the one who gives me daily wisdom on how to become a woman that pleases the Lord. She is the one who bandages my broken heart, and helps me to let go and trust God.
This fine lady who has always been by my side, the one whom I now consider my best friend, is a perfect example for me to pattern my life after. So, even though Mother's Day has come and gone, I want her to know how very proud I am to be her daughter. I love you Mom!

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  1. Very sweet, Nicole. And you're right, you're mom is pretty great. :)



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