Aug 28, 2009

Conversings with and among children

Working full time at a Pre-school, I find myself quite entertained by children. The conversations I find myself having with them never cease to amaze me, nor do the conversations I overhear among the kids...

Here's one I found myself having today:

I was coloring at a table with Sarah B. when I looked up to see her staring back at me with her big mischievous brown eyes. She leaned in close within inches of my face and whispered, "What are afraid of Miss Nickel?"

"I have this phobia about water and I don't like snakes..." I replied, wondering where this was leading to.

"Well," she whispered, "Are you afraid of vampires?!"

"Sarah, what are vampires?"

She looked back at me as if I was totally not up on current events and said, "They are creatures of the night...and I am one!"

I couldn't help but laugh aloud, "No, Sarah you are not a vampire, there is no such thing."

"Oh, yeah...then explain these," she said as she bared her teeth and opened her eyes wide.

I chose not to argue any further with her...

Conversation #2:

"So, Troy do you have any brothers or sisters?" I asked.

"Ya...a little sister, Ella, she's two and ugh..." he said as he rolled his eyes, "she is the most annoying creature on the whole earth!"

"Creature...your sister is a creature?!"

"Uh huh, she is like always following me wherever I go and always wants whatever I have; she is always trying to give me hugs!" he moaned.

"Well, Troy, that's because she loves you and looks up to are her big brother. You make sure you are nice to her."

"I know..." he said maturely, "I try, it's just so hard. I try to get away from her but she is always right behind me. School is the only place I can escape her!"

Kids, you got to love them...

Conversation #3 (this is one I overheard two children having)

"Did you just lie to me? I can't believe you would lie to me..." A little girl told another who must have just stretched the truth.

"Don't you know that there is a God in heaven who made you and that He is looking down on you right this very minute!"

The "lying" child looked back at her guiltily, and let out a big sigh.

The little reprimander continued, "If I were you, I would be so very scared..."

"Why?" the other asked.

"Why? Because, number one: God just saw what you did, and number two: who knows what He might do to you!" She looked up and caught my eye, gave a half smile then discontinued her mini sermon.

I was rather disappointed: she was just getting warmed up and I was anxious to hear point number three.

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  1. The day care sounds like its a pretty entertaining place! :) Kids... gotta love 'em.



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