Aug 20, 2009

The Rest of my Trip

I've been wanting to post some pictures from Texas trip...These pictures were all taken at my
Grandparent's. They live in Luling, Texas, which is a small town located about an hour south
from Austin, and an hour north from San Antonio. Grandpa owns several head of cattle and
plenty of acreage for them to roam. It really is a whole other world out there on the ranch.
Temperatures were in the 100's every day and the evening cool would get down to a low of 80 degrees. Nights were my favorite, you could stand outside and strain to hear traffic noises, such as semis, sirens, or speeding vehicles, and you would hear nothing except for the chirping of crickets and the gentle breeze in the trees. It was so very peaceful; no city lights or headlights going by. The only thing that lighted the outdoors was the bright beatiful stars in the Texas sky. Yes, I know it is the same sky as in Indiana, but something was different; it was so open and
for lack of a better word...big. Grandma and I would sit out under the stars in their hot tub in the evening and not say a word; both of us being content to sit in silence and listen to nature and appreciate God's creation. I am definitely not a country girl, but being there always makes me
think that I'd be able to adjust to no Walmart for 60 miles in exchange for the big Texas sky at nights!

Grandpa took me out back one afternoon and showed
me how to shoot. I shot a 17 HMR (pictured), a 9mm, and
a 357 magnum revolver. It was so awesome, and Grandpa
told me I was a great shot! :)

Uncle Jerry lives in an addition that was built on the
ranch about a year ago. I was glad I was able to visit
him every day while I was there.

Grandma and me!

Hanging out with the cows!

Besides relaxing on the ranch, I was able see many sights and do many enjoyable things in Texas. Our activities included: going to a museum in Austin, celebrating Aunt Stephanie's 40th birthday by being moral support as she tandem jumped from an airplane, swimming, shopping, getting pedicures, going to a Mexican market and my favorite-the Riverwalk!

The Bob Bullock Texas State Museum in Austin

Aunt Steph's big jump!

My favorite place to eat in Texas...
Luling Market, which includes brisket,
sausage, and ribs...yum, yum, yummy!

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