Sep 30, 2009

Never a dull moment...

Life in our household is never boring. Recently someone commented to my sister how they would love to be a fly on the wall in our house. Having four women in one house does make for a lot of excitement and one cannot help but feel for my father...

Well, just last week we had ourselves a bit of what I guess one might call excitement. Dad was gone for the night and we had just locked down the house, which when mom is in charge that means double bolting doors checking the sliding doors both upstairs and down, closing all curtains and blinds, and locking the door leading to the garage.
So, we were all settled and I was just about to doze off into slumber when I heard a scream coming from my mom's bedroom where I knew Brooke and her were still up chatting.

I rolled over figuring I would just ignore them until I heard, "He fell out, oh gosh, Brooke, I don't think he could have made it!"

Okay, so now my curiosity was peaked, I jumped out of bed and ran out into the hallway to see my sisters and mom running to the deck door, opening it and running outside. I followed and pieced together from three frantic women that our cat, Midas, had fallen out the window in my parent's bedroom. Our house is a raised bi-level, making the back side more like a two story home. The window the cat fell out of was no small fall.

Brooke was already in hysterics and my mom was being oh-so-helpful, "Wow, that is a really high fall, I don't think..." her voice trailed.

Lauren dealt with it her way by taking control and running round the house yelling, "Miiiidaaas!"

Brooke stood under the window staring at the ground below and crying. The cat was nowhere to be seen...

Mom continued her practical rationalizing which did not seem to help Brooke, "Well, I don't see him, he probably dragged his injured body away to die. And if he isn't dead yet, he may have some internal bleeding from that high of a fall!"
I stood there barefoot and looked around at my two sisters and mom also standing outside barefoot and in their pajamas, some crying, some yelling, and some calmly rationalizing. It was 10:30 at night and I'm sure we looked quite comical to any nosy neighbors.
I tried reassuring Brooke that God created cats with the ability to withstand high falls and that if he were really dead we would see him lying under the window. The fact that we did not see him there was really a good thing. And by the way, who put the cat in the window. That question only got me some dumb looks.

While we stood there, Lauren came around the house with Midas in hand. We got back in the house and after they had all examined Midas, I started to laugh...Yes, life in my house is never without a dull moment!

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