Oct 5, 2009

Dinner on Me!

Being out of college and no longer having projects and reports to fill my time, I have been assigned one night a week to prepare dinner. It can be anything I want, however I must shop for it, buy all necessary ingredients, and then cook it myself. I must admit that at the beginning of the summer when I was first told of my contribution to family meals I was not looking forward to it. However...I have discovered that I love to cook, and especially to try out new recipes on my family. It is amazing all the places I have found a great recipe at, for instance, Rachel Ray (whom you never can go wrong with), Campbell Soup's website, a cookbook that I received at high school graduation and rarely ever cracked open, or even from a fellow blogger! Last week I needed a quickie before a midweek evening service, I decided to try out a new recipe from here, and this was the finished product:

It was a huge success and the only alterations
I would have made to the recipe
would have been to marinate the chicken prior
to placing it in the oven...

With the recent weather change and rapid decline in temperature, soup was sounding really good to me. So I looked around online and found a great recipe for Seafood Bisque. The meal ending up costing a little under $20, which is typically more than I usually spend, but it was definitely worth it! With this recipe you can use whatever type of seafood you enjoy. I chose shrimp and crab meat. You cook your choice of meat in a sauce pan with a half a stick of butter. Once your meat is cooked you add it to 2 cans of Campbell's Cream of Potato, 2 cans of Campbell's Cream of Shrimp, 4 cups of Half-and-Half, 1 cup of heavy cream, and hot sauce to taste. I also put some Cayenne Pepper to give it an extra zing!

Heat through and then enjoy!!


  1. Nicole,
    both meals were yum yum

  2. wow!!! Im way impressed...You seriously need to invite me over for one of these days when you are cooking..I have to see you in action!!! :)
    Love ya girl! Liz



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