Oct 10, 2009

Sparkly and Heavy!!

Last night my very dear friend Liz got engaged. I had known it would be coming for a week and I had done my very best to steer clear of her, just any case anything I might do or say would make her suspicious. Her boyfriend/fiancee did a great job with surprising her, she was totally clueless! Today I was able to spend the morning with her. She came to my house grinning from ear to ear and just glowing with excitement! Her ring as described by her, "is just so sparkly and heavy!!!" To which I would definitely have to agree, here is a picture of it...the picture really does not do it justice, it is absolutely beautiful!

Just the other day I was being melancholy and wishing that I could be teaching somewhere out of state like several of my other classmates, but still being here and being able to have the bride-to-be and my great friend all to myself, is something I know I would never trade for any teaching job out there. Today as I drove and she sat next to me calling up more relatives and friends, hearing their responses and listening to her tell the story again and again made me feel so very lucky to have a part in this important and exciting time of her life. I am so anxious to help her out with anything and everything; we've already made plans to go out next week shopping for something bridal related!

Congratulations, girl, I love ya and am so very excited for you!

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  1. hey now..teaching is not all that bad!!:) wish i could be there too..miss you all so much!!;) love you all and can't wait till christmas!! love~tab:)



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