Nov 3, 2009

Halloween Party

Both Thursday and Friday we had Halloween Parties at work for the kids. It was the first one I had been at since last year I was in classes while the party was going on. I learned a couple things and hope to remember them for next year:

1. When dressing like a pirate you must learn some techniques on tying a doo-rag. It's harder
than it looks.

2. The eye patch will not last but an hour, it cuts the circulation off of one's head. (At least on
large adult heads such as mine...)

3. Children will be in party mode all day, do not think for one moment that you can have an only.

4. All those cupcakes, cookies, and candy does not aid in getting children to sleep during nap time.

5. It is not enjoyable to pull all those costumes up and down each time the child has to use the

6. Children do not understand why you won't let them change from clothes to costume several times throughout the day.

7. "I'm wearing a costume, why do I need underwear on too?"

8. "What happens if I pull your eyepatch and let go real fast?"

My contribution to the Halloween party were these 4 boxes which contained miscellaneous objects that the kids could feel by sticking their hand through a small hole in each box. It was hilarious to see their faces when I would tell them what it supposedly was. I had monster fingers (carrots), monster guts (jello with fruit chunks), witch's hair (green yarn), vampire teeth (tines of fork), dead skin (cut up baggies with oil), monster brains (mushy cold oatmeal), and worms (cold spaghetti noodles with oil).

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