Nov 18, 2009

One Special Baby Doll

My family and I were talking and laughing recently about the "growing" baby that my parents bought Lauren one Christmas. Lauren was around 7 years old and she really, really wanted an American Girl doll, after all, Brooke and I had one... Well, there was no way my mom and dad were going to spend $100 on a doll for such a little girl.

So...they hatched a plan. Instead of buying her the much coveted after American Girl doll, they bought (for less than 1/2 the price) a Bitty Baby--
This was not just any Bitty Baby, however, no siree, this was one very "special" baby. I'm not for sure which one of my parents was the Mastermind behind this, I would guess it was my Father. They told my gullible kid sister that if she was good and watched very closely her Bitty Baby would grow. Not, of course, in leaps and bounds, but very slowly and gradually. It would take weeks, months, and perhaps even years, but sooner or later that Bitty Baby would grow into an American Girl doll.

Lauren took their word (poor, believing child...) and watched her baby very closely. She would have doubts at times but we would all reassure her that babies grow slowly. One day Lauren came to me and Brooke and very excitedly said, "She's growing guys! I know she wasn't this tall, and even her hair wasn't this long!"

I really don't know how long this lasted, I believe it was well over a year and maybe even sweet sister kept on believing. Finally, one Christmas, my sister was amazed to unwrap her very own American Girl doll.

Besides being able to grow, this baby also went from brown eyes to blue, and from brown hair to blonde! I love you my sweet gullible sister!

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