Sep 26, 2010

...the best is mine

Yesterday my church celebrated their 40th anniversary, and I am proud to say that my family has been here for 27 of those. Fairhaven Baptist Church has impacted lives, salvaged families, and reached out to the community for all of its 40 years. We celebrated this special day by having an 'Old Fashioned Service'!

My church runs several buses all throughout the areas surrounding us. The children we picked up were able to participate in a giant helicopter candy scramble. It was so much fun to watch all the children anxiously watch as the copter dropped candy and the flag was waved for them to go and get it!

Our evening service was completed with cake and ice cream and a special gift given to our Pastor. After my Preacher was presented with his gift from his church he said something that made me proud...
"Many Pastors say they have the best church...but, I KNOW I do."

And..., I feel the exact some way about the church. It has made a difference in my life and I am so very proud to have been raised in this independent-Old Fashioned-Bible-believing Baptist church. Truly, I can say as well, "the best is mine."

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  1. What a great day! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Perfectly said Nicole... I am so-so happy to say the best is mine too!

  3. Love this post! I'm so glad you all had a great day! I was thinking of you! Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Loved your was soo nice being able to see the events of the day..I thought about you guys all day..thanks for the pics!!
    Tab :)

  5. Your pictures are great, and they are especially appreciated by those of us who were not able to be there. I am also thankful for FBC and for the part it has played in my life and my family's. Praise the Lord for His work through that special place.

    I just have to know...did Mr. Hall give Preacher a hug again? ;-)

  6. Whenever the church has an anniversary I always feel special because it's my anniversary, too. My very first time ever coming to Fairhaven was back in 1983 on the church's 13th anniversary. My sister and I rode the bus from Valparaiso. We rode for almost 7 years before my mom started coming, too, thus making our family a church family. What a joy to remember those days! I loved the pictures!



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