Nov 25, 2009

Thankfulness Part I

Thanksgiving...what a wonderful season! I feel so many times it gets over looked; it seems as if the stores are putting out the Christmas stuff more early every year... Thanksgiving holds so many wonderful family memories for me.

The day starts the same every year... We wake up and go to our Thanksgiving service, which includes singing a thanksgiving hymn or two, listening to Preacher read a Thanksgiving Psalm and then being blessed by a multitude of Thanksgiving testimonies from our church family. Church lets out by ten and then its back to the house where we prepare to gorge ourselves!

Turkey, ham, corn casserole, potatoes, pumpkin pie, relish tray, deviled eggs, rolls, crackers and cheese ball, spinach dip, sugar cookies...and I could keep going and going. The best part about the day and is knowing that you will have left overs to last the entire weekend!

A tradition that my family has held since forever, is that all of us kids make a 'Thankfulness List'. We sit down and think of anything and everything, whether big or small that we are thankful for. It really is amazing how truly blessed we are and it is always fun to hear each other's thankfulness lists. I really am looking forward to having a great day tomorrow; Happy Thanksgiving!

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