Nov 16, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!

What I love about November:
  1. Crisp autumn mornings
  2. Sipping hot cocoa in the evenings
  3. Planning the dinner menu for Thanksgiving
  4. Hearing all the testimonies at our Thanksgiving service
  5. Christmas shopping
  6. Listening to Christmas music on the radio
  7. Making sugar cookies
  8. Practicing for the Christmas concert
  9. Pulling out the turtlenecks and boots
  10. Scarves and mittens
  11. The Christmas lights at Macy's
  12. Fall mums
  13. Being more aware to everything I have to be thankful for
  14. Beef Stew
  15. Driving to work as the sun is rising
  16. Having more time with my family during the holidays
  17. Autumn wreaths
  18. Practicing the Christmas program with the kids at work
  19. College basketball
  20. Bare trees against the sunset sky


  1. Right... like your mom lets you plan Thanksgiving dinner. ;)

  2. Im glad you can find something positive about being to work that early! :)



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